domenica 4 settembre 2011

Buy and donate!

Ancora per pochi giorni si possono acquistare i cuori dal negozio di beneficenza Etsyitaliateam, il cui ricavato verrà donato all'associazione "Giovani e Cuore Aritmico - Geca".


GECA ONLUS is a non-profit organization founded to support and help people affected by heredo-familial heart diseases and their families. Founded in 2000, GECA ONLUS now counts 700 members, with 420 families who are active in carrying out programs to support research on these diseases. In recent years research, especially in Padua, has made great progresses in identifying genes whose mutations cause arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy. Currently 8 genes have been found responsible for this disease, 4 of which were discovered at the University of Padua. GECA works to support and promote a proper prevention since the disease is progressive and may manifest sudden death as the first "symptom". In addition, it created an information center that provides medical and scientific information about heart diseases and arrhythmic behavioral indications, genetic counseling, informational meetings for physicians and the establishment of scholarships to promote medical and genetic research.

Etsy Team Italy, together with all its members, has decided to start acampaign in favor of GECA ONLUS. Until September 9, you can buy beautiful hearts made by our team members at our charity shop: at the end of the campaign, all proceeds will be donated to the association that takes care of people suffering from this disease and supports the genetic research to fight it.

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